Studio portrait of photographer Cheryl Gottschall of Gott Dog Photography with brindle boxer dog sitting on lap looking at the camera.
I’ve always had a passion for being a photographer. It’s what I do and who I am. I pride myself on technical skills and composition. So when I get to combine 2 of my passions into one, it’s a really good day.
I love getting to know dogs and letting them get to know me. I have an industrial-sized bottle of lens cleaner for all the nose smudges on my lens. By the end of the day my jeans are full of mud, my shoes are dirty and my shirt is covered in dog hair. I’m on the ground working until I find the composition and expression I want. My goal is to create a great portrait of your dog that will always remind you of their personality and what makes you smile on a day to day basis. Dogs are a big part of our families and life. Just like the portraits of your children and wedding, portraits of your pets will be cherished forever. The most cherished pieces of art I have on my walls in my home are the portraits I did of my Wally. Sure I have lots of phone photography of him but it’s the actual portrait session images that are enlarged and displayed.
If you would like me to create photographic portraits of your dog, contact me so we can set it up.
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