My goal is to create a great portrait of your dog that will always remind you of their personality and what makes you smile on a day to day basis. 
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Schedule a session
Session Length
Session Length
After the Session
After the Session

Contact me in whatever way is easy and convenient for you. 
Phone: 919-821-9902
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• PLAY: The Photo Shoot.
When we first meet, I will spend time getting to know your dog and let him/her get to know me. Think of it as a mini-training session. Although dogs may respond to their owner, to have a successful shoot your dog needs to respond to me. I will work on some basics like sit, stay, and place. We may even walk around for a bit. If we are in the studio, I will flash my strobe lights to get them adjusted. The lights are large and bright and take some getting used to.
During the actual shoot, your dog is always the boss. I follow their lead and work around them. If they are not comfortable with something, I will stop and try something different. If they turn around or move I will move with them. If they need a break, we will take a break. If they want to sit in my lap then they sit in my lap.
Sessions usually take about an hour but I will work as long as your dog wants to work or he gets too tired. I will use squeaky toys and noises to get their attention. Don't forget to bring their favorite toy. I don't always use treats since sometimes that makes them too excited but I will have them on hand if necessary. Bring some of your own if you know they will respond well to them. Please let me know if your dog has any allergies or food restrictions.
Rather than create packages that constrain your selections, we've designed our prices to allow you the freedom to create your own personal package
The sessions are $250 which includes:
Pre-session consultation and prep for the session
1-2 hr (or however long it takes to get the best shots) photo session
On-line gallery of proof images for making your final selections (Images in the gallery are not downloadable. They are for the purpose of
image selection only)
The opportunity to come back to the studio and decide together.

Enlargements are purchased separately so you can customize your order to fit your taste, home decor or personal preference. Post processing of all selected images is included in the price of the enlargements or products.
Finishing includes: 
• Leash removals • person removal • clean up eyes • clean up backgrounds (remove foot prints and hair) • optimize the image to look its absolute best.

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